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Naas Headquartered Nua Healthcare Services to sponsor the inaugural St Patrick’s Festival Family Race day and will also partner with Kildare Sports Partnership to help fundraise for sports clubs in the county

Friday 9th February 2024

The Curragh Racecourse is unveiling a novel new community partnership with Naas based Nua Healthcare Services who will sponsor the opening day of their new racing season where the theme of the day will highlight the link between the benefits of physical activity to good mental health on what will be a festive St Patrick’s Day festival race day. The novel partnership will also involve Kildare Sports Partnership who liaise with the many sports clubs all over the county and they in turn will be invited to partake in a fundraiser linked to one of the big races on Bank Holiday Monday 18th March which will celebrate national holiday with lots of fun for all the family.

Nua Healthcare Services provide community based residential services, specialist hospital services and supported living services for citizens (men, women and or children) with either a Mental Health condition or Intellectual Disability.

The Curragh Racecourse and Nua Healthcare Services along with Kildare Sports Partnership are inviting every sports club in the county to compete for prizemoney linked to a race which will help with raising funds in a fun way and at no cost to themselves. Over the coming weeks 1,000 free tickets will be made available to all participating sports club members in Kildare and the project is part of the ongoing community outreach by the famous racecourse as well as Nua Healthcare’s endeavours to highlight inclusivity for all sectors in society and particularly those with a mental health condition or intellectual disability.

This exciting initiative will take place on Bank Holiday Monday 18th March when the 2024 flat racing season gets underway at The Curragh Racecourse.

Racing and Sponsorship Manager for the Curragh Racecourse Evan Arkwright said “One of our main priorities this year is to proactively engage and connect with local communities around the county and what better way to kick off our 2024 season then to partner with our new sponsors Nua Healthcare Services and use their expertise in the mental health sector and linking it to the benefits of physical exercise via Kildare Sports Partnership. We urge all sports clubs to get in touch and enter into our sweepstake draw linked to one of our big races which will act as a fundraiser on our opening day. Each Club that enters with us will be matched with a horse running in a race. The horses that finish in the first three places will then earn prizemoney for their partner club which can then used to towards their fundraising needs. We hope that club members will come racing to support their horse and enjoy a fun family friendly race day. Any clubs that would like to be involved or have any queries are asked to go to our website 

Nua Healthcare Services CEO Noel Dunne said “Our organisation is based in Kildare, and we are so delighted to partner with the Curragh Racecourse which will also enable us to raise awareness of the need for more inclusivity of people with mental health conditions and intellectual disabilities within our communities. We are really happy also that the physical activity expertise of Kildare Sports Partnership will also be highlighted on the day and we look forward to hopefully meeting so many sports club members from all around the county as well as the general public.”

Kildare Sports Partnership’s Syl Merrins said “Kildare Sports Partnership is delighted to partner with Nua Healthcare and the Curragh Racecourse and be part of the opening day of the new racing season on March 18th. The event is a great opportunity for sports clubs around the county to raise some extra funds, and is an opportunity that should not be missed. The Curragh Racecourse has hosted numerous Sports Partnership events over the years and we thank the management for their support of our work as we strive to increase participation in sport and physical activity in the county. We also look forward to linking with Nua Healthcare, helping them to continue to promote an active lifestyle within their communities.” 

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