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Curragh Training Grounds

Curragh Trainers

There are just over 50 trainers registered to train on the Curragh Training Grounds with access to our world class facilities.

Owning and racing in Ireland combines a long tradition of excellent horsemanship with a nation whose passion and understanding of the thoroughbred racehorse is recognised the world over. Irish flat racing puts the owner at the heart of a sport in a country where the horse has been at the centre of Irish life for generations.

Owners in Ireland enjoy some of the best prize money in Europe whilst competing in a top class flat race programme. Irish trainers compete on a world stage giving owners every opportunity to race not only in Ireland but at some of the biggest race meetings in Europe and beyond.

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Curragh Trainers

See the environment in the Curragh that horses thrive in and seeing the number of world class trainers in their training bases around the Curragh, it becomes clear why hundreds of overseas owners have chosen The Curragh and Co. Kildare as the place to own and race their horses.


Curragh Trainers