Accessibility | The Curragh Racecourse
The Curragh Racecourse


1. Accessibility for All

Curragh Racecourse is committed to the Universal Design of their racecourse ensuring that their complex can be accessed, understood and used by the widest range of people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. To show our commitment, not only is the racecourse itself designed to maximise its inclusiveness, we are also planning to provide disability awareness training for all staff members, and are currently carrying out a feasibility study on accessibility around the site for continuous improvement.

We are happy to provide alternative arrangements, where possible, to aid with any special requirements or needs. 


2. Pre-visit Information

2.1 Getting to the Racecourse

Located in Curragh, Co. Kildare, just off the M7, the racecourse can be accessed by car, taxi or bus hire. Alternatively, the racecourse runs 2 shuttle buses from Kildare and Newbridge train stations every race day. Where accessible bus services are running, they will operate on a first come, first served basis. Race attendees who wish to avail of the accessible bus service are advised to ring in advance for further details.

2.2 Access Map

We are currently preparing an access map outlining all the accessible facilities throughout the racecourse. This map will become available for download from our website and at all information desks in the coming future.

2.3 Sensory Map

We are currently developing a sensory map highlighting spaces that are quieter, typically less crowded, have seating areas and spaces with tactile engagements to assist attendees, and families of attendees who are on the autistic spectrum. This sensory map will become available for download from our website and at all information desks in the coming future.

2.4 Social Guide

We are currently creating a social guide to aid first-visitors, families and persons with developmental and learning disabilities to provide information about the experience of the racecourse. This guide will become available for download from our website and at all information desks in the coming future.


3. Booking Information

Bookings can be made online through our website, over the phone during office hours and in person at one of our ticket booths at the main entrance or at the main reception desk. For customers who will be attending the event with a carer, we advise booking over the phone. Note: one carer will be admitted free of charge. 

Tickets can be collected from both our ticket booths and main reception desk. We note that the ticket booths do not have dropped counters, however one is provided at reception.


4. Signage

Signage has been designed to be clear, concise and does not rely solely on text-based information. Signs have a visual contrast within themselves and against their backgrounds. Symbols and raised lettering have been used throughout the levels of the Grandstand and within all lifts to accommodate for a wide range of people.


5. Parking

10 designated accessible parking bays are provided in front of the main entrance, with an additional 8 designated accessible parking bays provided on the north face of the grandstand. Please call reception (045 441 205) prior to arrival if you require access to these designated bays.


6. Entry to the Racecourse

The main entrance has been fitted with 2 accessible turnstiles allowing easier access for a range of users. Additionally, staff will be on hand to provide assistance if required.


7. Auditory Assistance

Inductions loops have been provided in all hospitality areas (bars and restaurants), and tote positions (desk mounted), and all passenger lifts. A hard of hearing system is also provided throughout the building (internal and external) where Wi-Fi coverage is accessible.


8. Terrain

The path from the designated accessible parking bays located at the north face of the grandstand to the main entrance is gently sloped, however, some attendees may need extra assistance on this route.

Additional car parking is located on the opposite side of the main road and there is 1 designated crossing point from the north car parks to the main entrance, which will be clearly sign posted and staff members will be on hand to assist and direct attendees. We note that there is no dropped kerb at this location, but attendants will be on hand on race day to offer assistance where required. Care may need to be taken as this route has grassed areas and cobbled surface finishes.

Overflow parking in provided at Ballymany Hill, and a buggy service will be in operation to bring attendees to a drop off point closer to the entrance. However it should be noted that this drop off area is located c. 350m from the main entrance, which could pose an issue for attendees with reduced mobility. 


9. Disabled Toilet Facilities

9.1 Ambulant Cubicles/Enlarged Cubicles

Ambulant Cubicles and Enlarged Cubicles have been provided on all levels of the Grandstand in both the male and female toilet blocks.

9.2 Accessible WC

2 Unisex Accessible WC’s have been provided on all levels of the Grandstand along with 1 in the Curragh Pavilion. Where 2 WCs have been provided on the same floor, the layouts are handed to facilitate both left and right hand transfer techniques.

9.3 Changing Places

Located on Level 00 of the Grandstand, we are proud to be one of 12 sites in Ireland to provide an adult changing facility. The facility is fully accessible and fitted with a centred toilet, height-adjustable changing bench and hoist. The changing place will be locked and if you require entry, please talk to a member of staff in the information booth on Level 00 in Champions’ Hall. 


10. Bars and Restaurants

Our bars and restaurants have been designed to cater for a range of attendees. We have provided, induction loops and dropped countertops in all bars and restaurants  in the Grandstand. Additionally, mixed seating is available in both the Atrium Café foyer and the Members Lounge. All our restaurants can cater for attendees with dietary requirements.


11. Totes

Totes can be found in the foyer of levels 00 and in all restaurants and bars. Additionally, mobile tote units will be used throughout the grandstand. All tote booths have been fitted with hearing induction loops to aid those with hearing impairments, and designed with lowered countertops to cater for a wider range of users. 


12. Viewing Areas

All spectator seating tiers have been designed with assessible viewing areas suitable for wheelchair users. Wheelchair spaces have been provided in pairs with standard seating on at least one side to prevent parties being separated. Additionally, all private viewing rooms have been designed to be accessible.


13. First Aid Points

A first aid point will be provided on Level 00 of the Grandstand. Should you require medical attention, please talk to the nearest staff members who will be able to assist you. On all race days, The Order of Malta will be on site to provide medical attention.


14. Assistance During Your Visit

14.1 Wheelchair Hire

We are currently looking at the feasibility of providing wheelchair hires to attendees on Race Days and hope to be able to provide this service in the coming future.

14.2 Mobility Scooter

We are currently assessing the feasibility of providing sheltered storage and charging areas for mobility scooters.

14.3 Service Dog Area

Dog bowls are available on Level 00 behind the customer information desk if required. We are currently determining a suitable dog spending area with a water supply on site and hope to provide this area in the coming future.

14.4 Quiet Spaces / Multifaith

We are presently assessing the racecourse to determine suitable quiet areas which will be less crowded for attendees who may require a calmer atmosphere. These areas will be highlighted on our sensory map which and available in the coming future. If you require a quiet room or a multifaith room, please contact reception (045 441 205) prior to your arrival for assistance. 

14.5 Ear Defenders

We are presently looking at the feasibility of providing ear defenders hire for attendees on race days and hope to be able to provide this service in the coming future.

14.6 Green Lanyard

We are currently developing a green lanyard programme for customers whose needs are not immediately obvious. This system will discreetly highlight to trained staff members that you are a person with a hidden disability and may require additional assistance. We hope to have to programme active in the coming future.

14.7 Accessibility Tours

We are currently developing accessibility tours for attendees on race days which will highlight the accessible features which we provide, ensuring attendees have the best experience at the Curragh Racecourse.

Please note that this document is available for use in alternative format.