Track Facts | The Curragh Racecourse
Track Facts

Track Facts

A right-handed horseshoe-shaped course over two miles, with an adjoining chute feeding into the home straight which stages races of up to a mile. It has a three furlong run-in with an uphill finish and is regarded as one of the best and fairest racecourses in the world.

Celebrating the picturesque landscape of the Curragh, the Main Grandstand is comprised of three linear planes that are respectful to the Curragh landscape whilst cutting a dramatic and elegant silhouette.

Designed as a powerful floating horizontal form, the grandstand roof celebrates the horizon-tality of the landscape and the new racecourse structures set within it. The cantilevered roof emphasises the contrast between the natural undulating forms of the Curragh, and the precision of the man-made.

The materials for the new grandstand were chosen for their links to local flora, geology and the rural context in which they are set. The roof’s Vulcan Copper colour and materiality references the rural Irish vernacular and the agricultural heritage of Kildare. Ensured a seamless and precise roof form was realised, the underside of the steel roof structure is clad with aluminium sinusoidal soffit panels while the upper roof is clad in a metal ‘standing seam’ with ‘bullnose’ edge.

Viewed from near and afar, the dramatic grandstand roof gives the Curragh a unique and distinctive character which respects and enhances the heritage of the Curragh grasslands.